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Nissan Car Late Price Nissan is a large-scale automotive manufacturer and originated in Japan. The Nissan Motor Company, Ltd. is the full name of the car manufactur company that has its headquarters in Nishi-ku, Yokohama Japan. Perhaps the automotive buddy of the car is a brand of Nissan, in addition to the name nissan, the car that entered this large factory is the Datsun brand can be a low entry car LCGC and the expensive or luxury brand is Infiniti. The current CEO named Makoto Uchida, let's see more about this Nissan car automotive buddy.

Nissan Car Late Price
Nissan Car Late Price

www.marchelloka.comAutomotive buddy wherever you live today surely your country is quite familiar with the name Nissan, this car is marketed globally kecuai infiniti aimed at the United States market. Nissan itself has presented many cars from the sports sedan segment such as Nissan Grand Turismo, MPV such as evalia, Nissan Elgrand, some SUVs such as Xtrail. The cabin doble pickup segment also includes the Nissan Navara.

Nissan has also debuted EV or Electric Vehicle cars such as the Nissan LEAF in 2014 and has sold as an electric car with total sales reaching 100,000 units and become one of the best achievements once the market is interested in the EV segment. However for a car that is full of batteries required a charging station which in some has not been support in charging it. As is the case in Indonesia maybe Nissan Leaf will have difficulty in charging when carried at a distance buddy

When we read the history of Nissan will certainly be very much something that has been passed by this company, which has partnered with large companies or aliani with Volkswagen, Mitsubishi and others. From year to year for the sustainability of the company and facing a variety of obstacles. So it still remains standing today is very remarkable this Nissan manufacturer.

Not so far from the history that you can read in the wiki for example, this time we will focus on each of the car products owned by this Nissan company. The oil-based ones are certainly still many and have been sold in the market. Let's take a look at one by one automotive buddy


Type and Price

Car Name


Nissan Pathfinder $33,410 starting price 

Nissan Pathfinder
Nissan Pathfinder

Read the review of Nissan Pathfinder ?


Nissan Ariya EV start around $40,000

Nissan Ariya EV

Read the review of Nissan Ariya EV ?


Nissan GTR50 of $1.1 million

Nissan GTR50

Read the review of Nissan GTR50 ?


Nissan LEAF starting price of $31,620

Nissan LEAF

Read the review of Nissan LEAF ?


Nissan Rogue base price of $25,750

Nissan Rogue

Read the review of Nissan Rogue?


Nissan Maxima starts at $37,090

Nissan Maxima

Read the review of Nissan Maxima?


Nissan Frontier start $27,670 - $37,490

Nissan Frontier

Read the review of Nissan Frontier ?


Nissan 370Z base price of $30,090

Nissan 370Z
Nissan 370Z

Read the review of Nissan 370Z ?


Nissan Qashqai Start $28,590

Nissan Qashqai

Read the review of Nissan Qashqai ?

One of Nissan's most expensive cars is the Nissan GTR50, which sold for $1.1 million and became a luxury sports sedan directed by Nissan. It is made in limited edition and is dedicated to competing with European cars that rely on speed. Can make buy a car a lot of the price buddy.

Of course there are still a lot of Nissan cars that have been produced buddy, while the world market is always fresh with the presence of Nissan cars. Some nissan cars that have been sold in Asian countries such as Indonesia are still many brands buddy. As well as a row of cars in this bellow.

Nissan Grand Livina  IDR 165 Million

Nissan Serena IDR 360 Million

Nissan All New Teana IDR 560 Million

Nissan Car of Indonesia price

and from the above cars there are still a lot of cars directed by Nissan that are already on the market. Mpv and SUV segment cars also sting dominate today, SUV segment such as Nisan Xtrail, Nissan Murano, luxury MPV segment such as Nissal Elgrand, truck segment there Nissan Navara

Nissan 70Z
Nissan 70Z

Perhaps you are interested to buy a Nissan car one of them from above, this car is very suitable for families and some needs such as adventure and sport are also available. Nissan itself is fairly durable and stubborn and has no doubt in the world market car class. Dealers that have been widespread and serviced have been found in the city around you. It's easy if you want this car to come to the authorized dealer. 

The price may differ slightly from the above, depending on each country's ongoing exchange rate, but not so much different or significant from the price above

Thus information about the price of the latest nissan cars in the global market, the price above is a price that applies globally and there will be little change regarding the amount of exchange rate of each country.  Don't forget to share this interesting article to people closest to you on social media such as facebook, twitter and others perhaps your friends are in need of "AUTOMOTIVE GREETINGS"

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