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Latest Dodge Car Price - A car that has a distinctive design on the headlamp this time is an elegant dodge car from the United States is so famous for its superior products such as Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, Dodge Durango. All of its products are very popular especially for sedan variants on the Dodge Challenger we often find in some racing films from Holywood. Dodge is very fitting when invited to speed fights because of the performance of the engine is very powerful and design that is favored by young people there.

Late Price of Dodge Car
Late Price of Dodge Car

 www.marchelloka.com - Dodge is a subsidiary of fiat chrysler automotive manufacturer based in Auburn Hills, Michigan and is headquartered here as well and produces many products that are steady in performance. If you are a lover of crossover cars, dodge greets automotive friends with the presence of Dodge Joerney which was inaugurated at the Gaikindo event in 2016 through PT Garansindo Inter Global.

With the performance of the 3.6 Liter V6 Valve VVT engine will be awesome for anyone who owns this American-style crossover car. Power capability reaches 283 hp at 6350 rounds and 353 Nm torque at 4400 rpm. If the terrain is traversed such as the area of Indonesia that there are many extreme roads will be very easy to walk

Later will be discussed further in the next article related to each dodge car, it would be very nice to get the sensation of driving a car from the United States rather than with a car from Asia and Europe. For automotive friends who are curious about the price of the latest Dodge cars, here is a list of car prices that we can show


Latest Dodge Car Price


Dodge Challenger 

$ 28,640
Dodge Chelllenger Car review spec
Dodge Challenger


Dodge Cahallenger SRT / SRT Hellcat  

$ 50,840
mobil sedan balap Dodge
Dodge Challenger SRT/SRT Hellcat


Dodge Challenger SRT Demon  

 $ 84,640
Dodge Challenger SRT Demon


Dodge Charger   

$ 30,340
mobil Dodge charger new used spec and review
Dodge Charger


Dodge Charger SRT/SRT Hellcat  

 $ 52,490
harga mobil dodge terbaru
Dodge Charger SRT/SRT Hellcat


Dodge Durango   

Dodge Durango review spec pricing
Dodge Durango


Dodge Durango SRT  

harga mobil Durango
Dodge Durango SRT


Dodge Grand Caravan  

harga mobil Dodge Grand caravan
Dodge Grand Caravan


Dodge Journey   $24,340

Dodge Joerney review spec
Dodge Joerney


harga mobil Durango terbaru review spec
Dodge Durango

Dodge Durango car is very cool buddy with mpv class segment of family car, Dodge Durango get good sales, from the front it already looks that this car has an awesome design and power, remains Ok and also save sonbat

Performance Dodge Charger
Dodge Charger

The price listed above is a display of global market prices
Prices may change at any time without notice from authorized dealers
Prices are also influenced by the current dollar exchange rate and other fiscal policies

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It would be very proud if the automotive buddy has one of the variants of this Dodge car and will pay off the funds spent when you can accelerate with this beloved car. Please see the nearest Dodge car dealer for more information and can make a reservation so that you can take it home. Make sure you are sure and understand the capabilities of the Dodge car so that later the disappointment will not be present in the future, considering the Dodge workshop and service is also felt to have not been widespread at this time.

Thus information or reviews that we managed to gather from the editor of the www.marchelloka.com and in the hope that it can be useful for automotive friends and readers in general. Please comment and share this article to social media buddy maybe there are friends who are in need of this information. and 'AUTOMOTIVE GREETINGS'

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