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Suzuki Thunder 125 PriceIn the discussion of the world of motorcycles is certainly very pleasant buddy, when we try to review and see the development of market prices. For some we need only for self-information that a particular bike as well as suzuki thunder this time already many have it. For used motorcycle traders of course this is what motorcycles are sometimes sought for, with low prices and get a big profit, but the goods sold are very good. This time we will meet with Suzuki Thunder 125 automotive buddy.

Suzuki motor is certainly familiar to our customers for Indonesia and India, as well as some of Suzuki's market destinations. Suzuki Thunder 125 is a naked motor created by suzuki manufacturers for entry level market share, although it does not make suzuki products less competitive with kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha and others.

Spesifikasi Suzuki Thunder
Spesifikasi Suzuki Thunder

www.marchelloka.com - Suzuki Thunder is a naked bike sport bike and has started to exist in the 90s at the beginning of the first course but in Indonesia the name suzuki thunder does not echo or crowded in the market and the popularity level has dimmed since banya competition in naked bike than with other motorcycle manufacturer vendors. Marketing continues to be vigorous and galvanize some excellent features so that in 2014, Suzuki Thunder 125 re-appeared in the market and its design that attracted many people

Comes with a dashing design, suzuki thunder motorcycle this time has a powerful engine up to you and anyone who rides this bike will feel a different engine when pulled on the road. For the price of the new Suzuki Thunder motorcycle around Rp 18 million rupiah, while the current used price between 5 million to 8 million, depending on the physical condition of the vehicle is also buddy. Although for the entry level of this motor the design is already manly and has the soul of bikers

Buddy for the addition, Suzuki Thunder motorcycle itself is the first motorcycle launched with a 2 velve engine as the idol of several bikers in the first time presented in Indonesia in 1999 and many paved on the streets in Indonesia. Even the same thing can also be said today many we find in some areas around the village mmaupun urban, Apart from the advantages of a powerful and powerful engine, the price of Suzuki Thunder 125 is also quite affordable, Let's see the price and full specifications buddy

Suzuki Thunder 125

Suzuki Thunder 125 Specs and Price

Type4 velve , SOHC
Cilinder Volume125 cc
Ratio comparation57 x 48. 8 mm
Fuel System-
Ignition System-
Starter systemElektrik & foot
Transmision5 Acceleration
Tank Capabilities15 L
Long1. 970 mm
Wide745 mm
Axis Spacing1. 270 mm
Step Distance165 mm
Upholstery Height
Nett130 kg
Suspension Spesifikasi
Front SuspensionTeelskopic
Rear suspensionDualshock
Front BrakesCakram hidraulik
Rear BrakesTromol
Front Tire80/90-18 M/C 45P
Rear Tire90/90-18 M/C 51P

Design and Dimension 

Suzuki Thunder became one of the row of sports bike, Suzuki Thunder 125 is presented by offering a body motor that is strong enough as we review the table above, carrying dimensions or sizes with a length of 1. 970 mm, width 745 mm, and height 1045 mm make it look bolder when standing upright and effectively suitable for those of you who have a brave soul. Then for the weight of this motor is made with a weight of 130 kg to more suitable for some male riders. Three color options that are quite bright such as Black, Blue and Red are options that you can choose according to your taste.

After that the design of the headlights made with rounded shapes makes it look more dashing. Plus once again Suzuki has given the handlebar Cruiser that makes it easier and more comfortable to be invited to bermanufer. Not only that, with the price of Suzuki Thunder 125 is quite affordable, this bike has also had a wheelbase for 1. 270 mm and the distance of footing to the ground as high as 165 mm, which with everything will also make this vehicle feel better when viewed from the outside view, especially the design of the pattern that is given more impressive.

Engine Perfomance

There is no denying that the more powerful design makes it now one of the most wanted male motorcycles, plus the relatively affordable price of the Suzuki Thunder 125 makes it even more popular with some fans of this bike. On the other hand, you can all see, if this one motor has been imported by using the engine has 125 cc with type SOHC 4 not made with only one valve. Where for those of you who have high adrenaline can increase this motor quickly because it is prepared 5 acceleration for you. Not only that, the one-in motor also has a fuel tank that can store 15 L of fuel.

The use of technology of the machine makes this motor can give maximum power 11. 28 PS each way 9000 rpm and can provide maximum torque that reaches 9. 4 Nm at all times circling 7500 rpm and that power is inseparable from the role of a conventional bakan material system with CDI ignition. Interestingly here, although the engine has a large enough and can be proven to provide extra power, Suzuki Thunder is also a cost-effective male motor because of the embedded technology pair (Plused Secondary Air Injection) which can make the engine capability better.

Suspension and Frame

Giving one comfort to each rider so the side especially for all the motorcycles that exist not except this Suzuki Thunder. For that although the price of Suzuki Thunder 125 is cheap, but this male motor has a strong frame with backbone type which is becoming handling this male motor increasingly feel comfortable. Moreover, the use of Telescopic suspension on the front and dual shock on the back makes it easier to be invited to pave the road.

Beyond that, with the price of Suzuki Thunder 125 cheap and affordable, this famous manufacturer has put one tire has a size of 80/90 on the front and 90/90 on the back. And this makes it even more gallant on this one. Well to protect against all unwanted problems, Suzuki has inserted a disc braking system on the front wheel as well as a tromol on the rear side wheel. Where the two braking techniques can provide comfort driving time is more monitored.


In this vehicle, Suzuki provides several features that can be relied on for each user who makes Suzuki Thunder his choice. The first feature comes from the engine part which as above we sampikan, there has been a TECHNOLOGY PAIR (Pulsed Secondary Air Injection) that gives the engine the ability to fuel economy and environmentally friendly. Beyond that, with the price of Suzuki Thunder 125 affordable, this bike has wheels that are made with aluminum material lightly so that it can make the wheels spin quickly and agilely. Well after knowing the detailed specifications of this bike, let's see an explanation of the price of the following Suzuki Thunder 125 motorcycles.

Harga Suzuki Thunder Terbaru
Lates Price of Suzuki Thunder 

Price of New  Suzuki Thunder 125 

IDR . 18. 990. 000

Used Price of Suzuki Thunder 125 IDR 8 Billion


Suzuki Thunder 125 price above is still subject to change
Suzuki Thunder 125 price above is on road price jakarta
There may be differences for each region

As you can all see, this motorcycle in bandrol with a price in the range of 18 million rupiah is close to 19 million rupiah. The price of Suzuki Thunder 125 can be said to be quite commensurate with what this bike has to be able to conquer all the existing road terrain. so for those of you who are looking for a sport bike with quality and excellent engine, Suzuki Thunder 125 is the right choice for you to have.

So one of the motorcycles that cukp legend in the suzuki kerir in the automotive industry is certainly a lot of narrative behind the success of today, and one of the most remembered sweet is the time suzuki thunder 125 this managed to enter the MURI record in 1999. 2007 ago because it can bring a kind of motorcycle parking (Suzuki Thunder 125) with quite a long. Well that's one of the evidence that this bike is much loved because almost all men make this bike into a powerful motor personally. So, for now with the affordable price of Suzuki Thunder 125 you can make it the right choice. "AUTOMOTIVE GREETINGS"

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