8 Latest Vespa Prices 2022 Primavera, Sprint, GTS Super, 946, S 3 V, LX 150 3 V, And Others, Really fun to use this buddy

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8 Vespa 2021 - Automotive lovers around the world must have known this Vespa brand scooter and is familiar to the ears of the people of the world. This motorcycle has become a legend of the automotive world and originated in Italy. Europe is already famous for its technological advances in both motorcycles and cars. The Vespa has been on the line since 1946 and is a division of the same Piaggio manufacturer from Italy as well. This manufacturer has a vision of "Not juicet a scooter, a way of life" Let's see more about vespa buddy. Perhaps the reader's friend is also one of the owners of Vespa as well

Latest Vespa Bikes Price List
Latest Vespa Bikes Price List

www.marchelloka.com - If at this time buddy wants a means of transportation or mounts that have a clasic design and unique vespa certainly answer the wishes of friends.  Vespa is one of your best choices on two-wheeled vehicles that have a unique and clasic body or design.  An advantage for Vespa which is in the middle of the competition of the modern automotive market today. The performance of the engine is still well maintained and maintains the characteristic character makes Vespa still much loved by lovers of clasic motorcycles both from the upper class.

With a motorcycle design that is effectively interesting and stylish make everyone drop their choice on this klsaik bike. Although this motor is effective motorcycles of old (old school), however the technology used on this scooter motor is very sophisticated. This is shown by the inclusion of injection technology on this vespa engine as well as a cooling system in the form of liquids using an engine that has 125 cc. So it is worth it if the price of Vespa motorcycles in Indonesia on display at a relatively expensive price.

There are many types of Vespas that are marketed globally, and each variant of Vespa has a different price there are cheap and some are expensive. One of them is Vespa 946 which is in banderol with a price of around Rp 158 million, and is the most expensive vespa in Indonesia. Medium for Vespa with the cheapest price in banderol with a price range of around Rp. 26 million. For more details once again let's check out the Latest Vespa Bike Price List below.


1. Vespa LX125 Rp 26 Million Bike Price

Vespa LX 125 
Vespa LX125 Rp 26 Million Bike Price
Vespa LX 125 new Rp. 26. 300. 000-
Vespa LX 125 used  Rp - 
Lanjut ke spesifikasi ?  cek spec Vespa LX 125

 Vespa is a two-wheeled vehicle that everyone knows that this bike is clasic and unique.  Maintaining its quality since its inception in 1946 made Vespa continue to triumph despite intense competition. Indeed sporty and matic design style fills the asphalt roads of Indonesia but this Vespa is very committed and still selling its products. While the Vespa series that is selling in the market at the moment is Vespa LX 125 which is priced at Rp 26 million. The specifications that make it now . . ..

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2.  Vespa LX150 3V IDR 28,9 Million

Vespa LX150 3 V
Vespa LX 150  late price
Vespa LX 150 3 V  Baru Rp. 28. 900. 000-
Vespa LX 150 3 V  Bekas  Rp - 
Lanjut ke spesifikasi ?  cek spec Vespa LX 150 3 V

 Each Vespa is priced differently depending on the desired series. At first glance it looks the same but when we detail it will be clearly visible the features and specifications of each Vespa as this time Vespa LX150 3V which is priced at almost 29 million rupiah.

Following the development of modern technology, it turns out that in the most recent series has undergone changes in the field of highly powered engines and fuel economy. The selling price is very worth the features it brings will not disappoint the buyers. It is because . . .
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3. Vespa LXV150 3V IDR 36,8 Million

Harga Motor Vespa LXV 150
Vespa LXV 150
Vespa LXV 150  late price
Vespa LXV 150  new Rp. 36.800.000, - 
Vespa LXV 150 used  Rp - 
Lanjut ke spesifikasi ?  cek spec Vespa LXV 150

Further to the next type of Vespa with vespa type LXV150 3V, in this series vespa still apply the appearance of classic design. Vespa is really very identical to the classic and unique body design. With the design of the design will also be its own attraction for each consumer. Different from vespas long ago, for the field of engines in the past Vespa still still use tepy engine 2 velve, but with the changes of the current Vespa era is equipped with a 4 velve engine.

4.  Vespa S 3V IDR 32 Million

Harga Motor Vespa S 3V
Vespa S 3V

Vespa S 3 V  late prices
Vespa S 3 V  new Rp. 32.000.000, - 
Vespa S 3 V used Rp - 
Lanjut ke spesifikasi ?  cek spec Vespa S 3 V

Vespa is a vehicle that has been familiar once again to the people of the country, not only its unique appearance, however, this Italian-made two-wheeled motorcycle has been proven to be of such good quality. Except using the type of 4 velve engine, Vespa that is in the current jamn is also equipped with cutting-edge technology that does not have a metic motor from Japan. One of them is that it is equipped with Injection technology to supply the fuel.

5. Vespa Primavera  IDR 32, Million

Harga Motor Vespa Primavera
 Vespa Primavera
 Vespa Primavera   late price
Vespa Primavera  new Rp. 32.800.000, - 
Vespa Primavera used  Rp - 
Lanjut ke spesifikasi ?  cek spec Vespa Primavera

Primavera is also one of the vespa types that are hunted by some consumers. Except to have a classic appearance this scooter has the latest technology with a 4 not with the ability to 125 cc. And what is interesting about Vespa from the past until now is that Vespa is always equipped with a manual gear shifting transmission system located on the left side of the satang kemudoi. And for so many motor vehicles only Vespalah only one scooter that from the past until now uses this unique feature.

6. Vespa Sprint IDR 34 Million

Harga Motor Vespa Sprint
 Vespa Sprint
Vespa Sprint  late price
Vespa Sprint newRp. 34. 800. 000-
Vespa Sprint  used  Rp - 
Lanjut ke spesifikasi ?  cek spec Vespa Sprint

After that is Vespa with Vespa Sprint type, the same as the different Vespa type Sprint also has a design and appearance that is classic and unique. The technology used has been up to date and modern, this is also what makes each variant of Vespa has a fairly expensive price. For Vespa Sprint in Indonesia in bandrol with a relatively expensive price that reaches the price range of around Rp. 30 million. With that price range makes this Italian scooter more expensive than the Skutic from Japan.

7.  Vespa GTS Super Rp 41,8 Million

Harga Motor Vespa GTS Super
 Vespa GTS Super
 Vespa GTS Super   late price
Vespa GTS Super newRp. 41.850.000, - 
Vespa GTS Super used  Rp - 
Lanjut ke spesifikasi ?  cek spec Vespa GTS Super

Judging from the performance of the engine, this scooter is not inferior to the popular japanese skutic also for its toughness and reliability in dealing with each situation. This classic scooter offers a variety of technology and features cutting-edge and modern that are not owned by skutik from Japan. Beyond that the price offered for each type of Vespa including quite expensive. But with the price included expensive it does not hinder the interest of some fans of classic motorcycles to have a motorcycle with a classic style and unique.

8. Vespa 946 IDR 158 Million

Harga Motor Vespa 946
 Motor Vespa 946
Vespa 946  Terbaru
Vespa 946 newRp. 158. 000. 000-
Vespa 946 used Rp - 
review and spec vespa 946   cek spec Vespa 946

Of the many types of Vespa produced by Italian companies, Vespa with vespa type 946 is a vespa type in banderol with a price of Rp. 150 million. The price was so fantastic price for one bike with scooter type. But what this type of variant has to offer is also worth the price. That is, it is equipped with several modern features that will also provide comfort in driving by using this kalsik motorcycle.

For those of you who like classic motorcycles, especially vespa motorcycle enthusiasts, it is possible that this vehicle can be your main alternative to be able to travel around the city. By using this classic and unique scooter you will also be more eccentric in style.

Thus information or reviews that we managed to gather from the editor of the www.marchelloka.com and in the hope that it can be useful for automotive friends and readers in general. Please comment and share this article to social media buddy maybe there are friends who are in need of this information. and 'AUTOMOTIVE GREETINGS'

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