4 Moto Guzzi Enduro Stelvio $15, 990, Naked V7, Touring Norge GT , V9 Bober, Roamer, California, Audace, Do You Like Which One Is The Boss?

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Moto Guzzi Latest Price What was on the minds of automotive friends to hear the name Moto Guzzi? strange? surely sob, because recently italian motorcycle manufacturers were entering our country this Indonesia. The arrival of this automotive manufacturer is certainly in addition to providing more variety options to some users, as well as giving its own color to the automotive world. Because Moto Guzzi has quite a collection of unique motorcycles from its first presence in 1921. This motor is powerful and also includes being the dream bike of big bike lovers

Moto Guzzi Latest Price, Spec and Review
Moto Guzzi Latest Price, Spec and Review

www.marchelloka.com - It can be said that this guzzi motor is one of so many automotive manufacturers that always maintain uniqueness in each of what it makes. Call it design, this kind of thing can be called the most different look than other motorcycles, in this section Moto Guzzi still keep the appearance of the engine unique to stay standing on each motor he makes. In the field of the engine he uses, or the engine, Moto Guzzi makes a car that looks like it's looking to the right and left.

Even in the performance of rear-wheel drive, it is not to use chains to connect all the drivers, but instead make the axle into a borer. However, there is such a flow, so one advantage itself, because friends do not need to be once again afraid when there is at high speed, there is no longer a word break up because of use, which there is only noisy when we change the oil late, which there is a axle so the advantages and uniqueness is quite unique in Moto Guzzi.

In addition to the transmission side and engine side, the design or body shape of the Moto Guzzi includes combining the impression of classic and modern, because generally the motor he makes looks thick retro nuances, call it Moto Guzzi V7II Racer, but there is also a Moto Guzzi with a full modern appearance, because the designation so touring motor, guzzi moto designed the side of the body large shape and support it with extra high suspension , which will also make it comfortable to drive whether it's long or short distances.

Although the appearance in a modern nuance, the problem of the machine is still made in a sideways appearance, it's just that the part of the machine it carries looks more stocky and there are not left a little hole as well, which appears only block the machine and various components that accompany it. there are 4 groups owned by Moto Guzzi, divided into Enduro, Naked, Touring, and Custom. then for more details just look at the full explanation in the Latest Moto Guzzi Motorcycle Price List below.

HArga Moto Guzzi Enduro
Harga Motto Guzzi Enduro

1. Moto Guzzi Enduro Price Motorcycle

Type Motor Moto GuzziPrice




$15, 990

The enduro series is a Moto Guzzi motorcycle intended for friends who like to also be steep roads, be it rocks to desert, can be seen on the front side of the road with a stocky leg supported by suspension type up side down, momentarily on the back wearing monoshock. Once again, the motor that belongs to the enduro class uses more than 1000cc. With like has a definite performance that will come out more powerful to devour the various road terrains in front of it, but according to what it has, make the price of guzzi moto motorcycle is not cheap, and can immediately check on the table above.
Moto Guzzi V7 Designb REview
Moto Guzzi V7 Series

2. Moto Guzzi Naked Price Motorcycle

Type Motor Moto GuzziPrice

Moto Guzzi V7 II STONE  

$8, 990


$10, 990


$11, 190


$11, 190

Different about the type of Enduro that looks modern, for versus Naked, the moto guzzi designed the side of the body of the motor belongs to him in a classic appearance that is so thick. And it is shown with the appearance of a headlamp in the form of a cylinder or round, while on the back, looks stop lamp old motor. But make no mistake, although it is very classic, perform and energy made from inside the kitchen trigger each Moto Guzzi versus Naked, of course powerful and ready to give automotive friends more exciting experience when on the road, but some more because of the characteristics possessed by him, to be able to bring it home most meinim must be ready ready Rp. 100 million , that's the price from abroad, which when entering our country will switch to repeatedly because many administrative costs come in.

Moto Guzzi Norge Review Design
Harga Moto Guzzi Norge

3. Moto Guzzi Touring Price Motorcycle

Type Motor Moto GuzziPrice


$15, 690


$16, 290


$16, 290

On this third motor, just like with the new name number, the modern impression is shown on the body that wraps it, where the Moto Guzzi side grips all sides of the body with full fairing, while on the back, also prepared two boxes have a large size that is high, it is desired that there are two boxes of riders do not need to once again carry a bag or rangsel , because everything can be in the box. And without any less comfort, the riding place is also made in such a way, which will also make some of the driver is not easily tired even though it has traveled a long way. Interested in this bike?

Harga Moto Guzzi Custom Review
Moto Guzzi Custom 

4. Harga Motor Moto Guzzi Custom

Type Motor Moto GuzziPrice

Moto Guzzi V9 BOBBER

$10, 490


$9, 990


$15, 490

Moto Guzzi AUDACE

$16, 390


$16, 490

Moving to the 3rd variant of the Moto Guzzi motorcycle, the custom variant has the appearance of a Harley Davidson, it's just that the uniqueness of moto guzzi remains visible on the engine field. The appearance is also more interesting when you see both sides of the legs supported by tires have a gambot size, then the handlebars made higher than the seat, which should be, the wearer is forced to sit more upright / Nevertheless friends do not need to worry, although the machine is on the sideways, but the manufacturer has noticed until the smallest details until the heat will also be minimized by the material in the engine part. For a moment the price of Moto Guzzi versus custow motorcycles varied quite depending on the type and ability that friends determined.

Perhatian ::

Moto guzzi motorcycle prices above can switch at any time
The price released is in the form of dollars, and later live following the current exchange rate
The above price tag we obtain from reliable sources abroad

The greater the ability of the machine that friends determine, as well as the unique tampialn body shape of the Moto Guzzi, will also have an influence on the expensive or not the price of the Moto Guzzi. But the name of the craze and taste will also get rid of the name of the word expensive. Because as expensive as anything, especially people in suits or conglomerates, to satisfy the lust that he has will certainly still buy it even though it costs several hundred million bahakan up to billions of rupiah.

But that's for some conglomerates, while for us who are in tewngah not, above also not, but so below, surely will also think repeatedly to spend up to several hundred million just to buy a motorcycle, because people certainly think money a few hundred million will certainly also make capital to buy a place to live, but some more hoby problems do not see also will be , as well as certainly although the price of Moto Guzzi Motorcycle is expensive according to what he has and will also make anyone happy with the performance he has.

Thus information or reviews that we managed to gather from the editor of the www.marchelloka.com and in the hope that it can be useful for automotive friends and readers in general. Please comment and share this article to social media buddy maybe there are friends who are in need of this information. and 'AUTOMOTIVE GREETINGS'

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