Tracfone Sales And Deals For April 2016

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List of Tracfone Deals, Discounts and Sales - April 2016

 is a blog that shares information, reviews and news about Tracfone Wireless cell phone company. We have collected lots of information, so take a look around if you would like to learn more!

 reviews and news about Tracfone Wireless cell phone company Tracfone Sales and Deals for April 2016
Tracfone Sales and Deals List
We all love to find a good deal on things we want to buy, and Tracfone devices are no exception. But it can be challenging to keep up with where to find the best deals on Tracfone phones - both because they are offered through a lot of retailers, and because the price usually decreases the longer it is out.

Here at , we monitor and keep up with a lot of the phones and prices, and we want to share the best deals and discounts we have found with you. Prices do tend to go up and down, so we try to create a new list each month.

Tracfone offers both smartphones, and non-smartphone devices to use with their prepaid service. There are several important differences, which you can read about in our post, 6 Major Differences between Tracfone Smartphones and Non-Smartphone Devices.

We aren't including any phones in this list that would be used on Tracfone BYOP, but there are a lot of cheap smartphones available on Amazon, eBay and other sources that you can bring to Tracfone. Visit our Tracfone BYOP page to learn more, and view a list of compatible phones.

Now let's get to the list of deals on Tracfone devices!

Tracfone Deals, Discounts and Sales List for April 2016

The following deals are in no particular order, and highlight a variety of different devices that are priced below their typical cost.

LG 306G - 7.99

The LG 306G is the only non-smartphone in our list, but it still comes with a 3.2" touchscreen. This phone is one of the best options for those who don't want to change to an Android device. One of the main benefits of keeping a non-smartphone deice is that you can still use promo codes when adding new airtime cards.

Take a look at our review of the LG 306G to learn more.

You can find the LG 306G on Amazon

LG Ultimate 2 - $59.99 or bundle for $89.99
 reviews and news about Tracfone Wireless cell phone company Tracfone Sales and Deals for April 2016
LG Ultimate 2

The Ultimate 2 was released a little over a year ago now, but it still performs well as a smartphone with a 4.5" touchscreen, Android 4.4, and 5 GB internal memory for storing things.

You can view our full review of the LG Ultimate 2 and learn more about all the features it offers.

If you're looking for just the phone, at $60, it's a pretty good deal and about the lowest we've seen anywhere. But if you really want a great deal, get the phone bundle from HSN which includes a 1 Year/400 minute airtime card worth $100, plus other accessories, all for just $90.

Find the LG Ultimate 2 on Amazon for just the phone, or the bundle on HSN for $89.99

LG Sunset - $79.99 or bundled fr $99.99

When the LG Sunset was released it was the first Tracfone smartphone that had 4G LTE service. That, along with 8 GB internal memory and Android 5.0 make it a great smartphone for many people, and it still comes in at a fairly reasonable price.

Take a look at the LG Sunset Review to see full spec and features for this phone.

As with the Ultimate 2 above, you can get the LG Sunset in a bundle from HSN that includes a 1 Year/400 Minute airtime card worth $100. You can also get the phone by itself on amazon.

This phone is available for $79.99 on Amazon, or get the bundle which includes airtime for $99.99 on HSN

 reviews and news about Tracfone Wireless cell phone company Tracfone Sales and Deals for April 2016
LG Power
LG Power - $59.99

The LG Power is very similar to the LG Sunset, except it doesn't come with 4G connectivity and it uses CDMA service instead of GSM. But other than that, the Power does include a 4.5" touchscreen, 8 GB memory, and Android 5.0.

You can view our review of the LG Power to learn more about this device and see lots of user comments.

Find the Power on Amazon for $59.99 which is the lowest price we've seen for this phone, and $60 less than what was selling it for.

Bonus - Tracfone Airtime available through eBay and BestBuy.

Tracfone airtime cards are widely available online and in stores. But in many places you will end up paying a few extra dollars in taxes, especially on the Tracfone website. But, for some, you may be able to buy through eBay or BestBuy and not have to pay any extra fees. The airtime itself is not discounted, but you buy it without any additional costs and it is then mailed to you within a couple of days.

Take a look at airtime cards on eBay and airtime on BestBuy.

Those are the deals we've found, please let us know in the comments of other deals and sales you find and we may add them to the list!

We recently conducted a survey and many of our readers shared their insightful opinions. We will be sharing some of the results in the near future as we sift through the information and organize it, so look for that soon!

We recently reviewed two new phones that are more advanced than any of Tracfone's other devices. See what you think and read our Review of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and somewhat cheaper, Galaxy E5.

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 reviews and news about Tracfone Wireless cell phone company Tracfone Sales and Deals for April 2016 reviews and news about Tracfone Wireless cell phone company Tracfone Sales and Deals for April 2016 Thanks for visiting!

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