2023 Yamaha YS125 Review Specs and Price , Motor Naked yang keren ini namun Jarang Peminat Sobat

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2023 Harga Yamaha YS 125 –  Long time is actually for this good motorbike with an engine power of only 125cc. Call it Yamaha YS 125 which is a motorcycle made by Yamaha Europe and intended for the European market. Manufactured in Europe and sold in Europe, in short as it is buddy and to compete with the entry level bikes in the naked sport motorcycle range. Now with the engine and design that appears in the picture, this motorbike certainly has the quality to confidently present in the European region which is very thick with the classy automotive world.

Lama sudah sebenarnya untuk motor bagus yang satu ini dengan kekuatan mesin yang hanya 125cc saja. Sebut saja Yamaha YS 125 yang merupakan motor garapan Yamaha Eropa dan ditujukan untuk pasar Eropa. Diproduksi di eropa dan dijual di eropa ringkasnya seperti itu sobat dan untuk bersaing dengan motor entry level di jajaran motor naked sport. Nah dengan mesin dan desain yang nampak pada gambar motor ini tentu memiliki kulaitas untuk percaya diri hadir di wilayah Eropa yang sangat kental dengan dunia otomotif yang berkelas.

Yamaha YS125 Europa Style
Yamaha YS125 Europa Style

www.marchelloka.com - Yamaha YS 125 is not only given with a 125cc engine, but this motorbike is given with some of the latest technology that will make the performance of this motorcycle more powerful and reliable. Beyond that the design of this motorbike is very interesting and dynamic, this motorbike is complete with the dimensions of the motorbike that is suitable and suitable for driving a long distance when touring. Do you want to know more about the toughness and price of this Yamaha YS 125? let's look at the explanation of Yamaha YS 125 Specifications and Prices below.

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Yamaha YS 125 tidak cuma diberi dengan mesin 125cc saja, walau demikian motor ini diberi dengan sebagian tehnologi mutakhir yang akan membuat perfoma motor ini jadi makin kuat dan handal. Diluar itu design motor ini sangat menarik dan dinamis, motor ini kompliti dengan dimensi motor yang cocok dan pas untuk berkendara dengan jarak cukup jauh pas touring. Nah ingin tau lebih terang tentang ketangguhan dan harga Yamaha YS 125 ini? mari kita simak penjelasan Spesifikasi serta Harga Yamaha YS 125 di bawah ini.

Yamaha YS125 Specification

EngineType Mesin : 4-stroke, air-cooled, SOHC, 2-valves
Kemampuan Silinder : 125cc
Jumlah Silinder : Silinder tunggal
Rasio Kompresi : 10. 0 : 1
Diameter x Langkah : 52. 4 mm x 57. 9 mm
Power Max : 7. 8 kW/7, 500 rpm
Torsi Max : 10. 8 Nm/6, 000 rpm
Lubrication sistem : Wet sump
Fuel sistem : Fuel Injection
System Starter : Electric
Transmisi : Constant Mesh
Ignition sistem : TCI
DimentionPanjang : 2, 005 mm
Lebar : 735 mm
Tinggi : 1, 050 mm
Jarak Sumbu Roda : 1, 320 mm
Jarak Paling rendah Ke Tanah : 150 mm
Tinggi Jok : 795 mm
Berat Bersih : 129 kg
Kemampuan Tangki Bahan Bakar : 14 litres
Frame / suspensionSuspensi Depan : Telescopic fork
Front travel : 120 mm
Suspensi Belakang : Swingarm
Rear travel : 112 mm
Rem Depan : Single Disc, Ø 245 mm
Rem Belakang : Drum, Ø 130 mm
Ban Depan : 2. 75-18-42P
Ban Belakang : 100/80-18-59P

Review Motor Yamaha YS 125

Design and Dimention

From the existing data, the motorbike with the name Yamaha YS 125 has a total length of 2 motorcycles. 005 mm with a width that reaches 735 mm and has a motor height reaching 1. 050 mm. With the size of the motorbike dimensions that are quite good, some riders will certainly be easier to ride this motorbike, especially when getting on and off this motorbike. In addition, this Yamaha YS 125 motorcycle has a fairly light weight so that this motorbike is getting more agile when maneuvering.

Yamaha YS 125 is specially designed to meet the driving needs of European people who want a good and modern motorcycle. Although the ability of this motorbike engine is still very low, in terms of balance and stability of this motorbike, there is no doubt. Because the size of the dimensions of the motorbike is quite suitable for driving, this motorbike has been equipped with a fairly suitable wheelbase between wheelbases, which is about 1. 320 mm and supported with the lowest distance on the ground that reaches 150 mm

Now besides being given good motorcycle dimensions for a sports motorcycle, the Yamaha YS 125 is also given a charming and sporty motorcycle design. Where on this occasion Yamaha YS 125 design brings the appearance of a motorcycle that is so slick with striping and suitable colors. In addition, the Yamaha YS 125 is also equipped with a headlamp that has a "V" Shape concept, which makes the front appearance of this motorcycle so similar to the Yamaha Vixion. In addition, the Yamaha YS 125 has also been equipped with an LCD digital speedometer panel with two laters, where the first clater provides a speed sign and tripmeter and fuel mark. As well as for the 2nd klater provides neutral gear, the most important lamp and turn signal.

Strong Engine Performance

Commensurate with the price offered by the Yamaha YS 125 to each consumer, this opportunity Yamaha indeed equips this sports motorbike with a fairly low engine capability where the engine used by the latest sports motorbike from Yamaha is a 4-stroke engine type, SOHC with 2 valves. The engine has also been equipped with a liquid cooled cooling system, so the temperature on this motorbike engine will remain stable even though this motorbike has been running with a long enough mileage.

The Yamaha YS 125 also has an engine compression ratio of around 10. 0 : 1 with bore diameter and stroke each has a size of 52. 4 mm x 57. 9 mm. With an engine comparison of this size, the Yamaha YS 125 can produce a maximum power of 7. 8 kW with engine speed reaching 7, 500 rpm. As well as for the maximum torque itself reaches 10. 8 Nm with 6,000 rpm. Interestingly, the latest motorcycle made by Yamaha Europe has been given with Fuel Injection technology as the fuel system and entrusts Trasistorized Control Ignition (TCI) technology as the ignition system.

Feature Yamaha YS 125

Strong Suspensions and Legs

Although this motorbike is only given with a 125cc engine, but for suspension problems and the legs of this motorbike are not careless. We can see this kind of thing clearly on the front of this motorbike which is installed with a suspension with a Telescopic fork type that has a front travel of 120 mm. Not enough to stop there to balance the front side of this bike, Yamaha also implanted a suspension with a swingarm type for the rear side. This suspension has a real travel diameter of 112mm which will make this suspension performance stronger and more comfortable when going through roads with uneven or bumpy conditions.

Complete the appearance of this latest sports motorcycle, Yamaha also completes its Yamaha YS 125 motorcycle with 2 motorbike wheels, each of which has a size of 2. 75-18-42P for the front side and 100/80-18-59P for the rear side. Then on these two wheels tucked into a sophisticated safety feature and as a braking system that is quite reliable in its class. Yes, one disc brake with a diameter of 245 mm with a single piston is neatly installed on the front of this motorcycle, with this type of brake the front side braking will be more optimal and the speed of the motorcycle will be held stronger than other types of brakes. Then for the rear side, Yamaha has used one brake with the Drum type which has a diameter of 130 mm.

Complated Features

 The price of the Yamaha YS 125 which is quite cheap makes this motorbike so sweet in the market, especially with the unique appearance of the motorbike and has a perfect motorcycle performance will certainly make some motorcycle users interested in using this motorbike. Well, to give a good role to this motorbike Yamaha has also equipped this motorbike with some completeness features that can make the ability of this motorbike more maximum. As on the front, this motorbike is equipped with a large enough motor tank and can store a considerable amount of fuel, reaching 14 liters.

Then there are also futuristic seats and seats, this seat has a thickness of 795 mm which can make the rider more comfortable when riding this motorcycle. Not only that, to protect the safety of some of its riders, the Yamaha YS 125 is equipped with a strong and reliable braking system and has a strong grip so that it can withstand the speed of the motorcycle maskimally during sudden braking. Then there is also a speedometer panel with a digital LCD concept that can provide detailed information about the condition of the motorcycle.

price of  Yamaha YS 125

Yamaha YS 125  Price Lates

Price Yamaha YS 125 new2. 799 poundsterling (Rp 46 Juta-an)
Harga Yamaha YS 125 BekasRp - 
Price of Other Yamaha ?Daftar Harga Yamaha

Notification :

The price of Yamaha YS 125 above is the price for European locations, especially the UK
The big chance is that the price of the Yamaha YS 125 above can still switch at any time
Other countries and other sellers will certainly be different prices of this Yamaha YS 125

For now the Yamaha YS 125 is still only marketed in European locations, in that location, especially the British motorbike with the name Yamaha YS 125 is priced at 2. 799 pounds or equivalent to Rp 46 million. But the price of the Yamaha YS 125 will be much different when entering Indonesia, because now the value of foreign exchange rates is greater than the value of our country's currency exchange rate. However, it does not matter, because with the price of the Yamaha YS 125 which is quite cheap, we will be spoiled with some favorite features that will make the performance of this motorbike better and quality.

Yamaha YS 125 is one of the sport motorcycles that has a fairly low engine capability, but even though the engine capability of this motorbike is low but this motorbike can run at high speed until it can produce a maximum power of 7. 8 kW/7, 500 rpm and maximum torque reaches 10. 8 Nm 1. 1/6, 000 rpm. This kind of thing is also inseparable from the role of the motor engine which has an engine compression ratio of 10. 0 : 1 with a bore diameter and stroke of 52. 4 mm x 57. 9 mm.

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