Triumph Tiger 800 XCX pricing and full specification Motor 2018-bigger than the world class Adventure motorcycle

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         The price of the Triumph Tiger 800 XCX – Not just motor sport and Adventure motorcycle turned out however matic get attention and ask for the market itself, the presence of the Triumph Tiger 800 X-CX became one of motor adventure craving in bergagai countries. Triumph of automotive brand name merepakan is indeed a rather alien in the eyes of the public and rarely in the meet, but when you're a fan of automotive Moreover MoGe certainly triumph became one of the best for the dedication of the motor current, average prices in is this motor made of expensive hard-found in the everyday life of the country of Indonesia. The triumph was also not fully marketed throughout its products in Indonesia.

Design Triumph Tiger 800 XCX
Triumph Tiger 800 X-CX Review - sale price or price is offered by dealers officially Triumph in Indonesia is indeed quite expensive but certainly things you get later sepadaan with performance and specifications that belong to a different sensation and no doubt rather than with a row of motor manufacturer indonesia, let alone with a capacity of mesing manual this is certainly going to be very powerful and steady. Makes You so confident in across all terrains encountered in the path of adventure favorites.

Information on the presence of the Triumph Tiger 800 X-CX is indeed already officially existed in Indonesia since August bebarengan the time gone by 2015 with a Triumph Tiger XR released with the technology is very mutahkihir at the moment and will be so very different as the hallmark Triumph motorcycle adventure filmed in otor with motors such as Kawasaki, Suzuki V Storm, as well as the Honda Africa Twin. Triumph Tiger was already in support onfigurasu selection of the best Preferred the throttle map, ABS and traction Control for the Triumph of challenging terrain and easy to adjust with nature.

We are not here until the curious course warganet certainly already know this was filmed in the country United Kingdom motor in the best-selling in the market expect will automotive Indonesia though hounded is among the top or High End term because going on the go with a price of 100 million and above for a motor on this Triumph. For the friend who was so intrigued with the Triumph Tiger 800 X-CX specs and price, let us refer to the exposure below.


Triumph Tiger 800 X specs-CX
MachineType: Liquid-cooled, 12 valve, DOHC, in-line 3-cylinder
The ability of the engine: 800cc
Power Maximum: 95PS (70KW) 9250 rpm
Maximum torque: 78, 6 Nm when the 7. 850 rpm
Bore x Stroke: 74. 05mm x 61. are 94 mm
System: Multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection
Exhaust: Stainless steel 3 into 1, high level stainless steel silencer
Compression ratio: 11. 3:1
Type Clutch: Wet, multi plate
Transmission: 6-Speed
The ability of Oil: 3.7L
DimensionLength: 2215 mm
Width: 851 mm
Height: 1390mm
Seat height: 840 – 860 mm (820 – 840 mm with Accessory Low Seat)
Wheelbase: 1545 mm
Rake: 24. 3 º
Trail: 95. 3 mm
The ability of the tank: 19 Litres
Net/gross weight: 221 kg/196 kg
Chassis and Suspension Front suspension: WP 43mm upside down forks, adjustable rebound and compression DAMPING, 220mm travel.
Rear suspension: WP monoshock with remote reservoir oil, hydraulically adjustable preload, rebound damping adjustment, a 215mm rear wheel travel
Front wheel: 36-spoke 21 x 2. 5in, aluminium rim
Rear wheels: 32-spoke 17 x 4. 25in, aluminium rim
Front tire size: 90/90-21
Rear tire size: 150/70 R17
Front brake: Twin 308mm floating discs, 2-piston Nissin calipers sliding, Switchable ABS
Rear brake: Single disc, 255mm, Nissin single piston sliding caliper, Switchable ABS
Master Cylinder front brake: Nissin master cylinder, 14 mm diameter
Frame : Tubular steel trellis frame
Swing arm : Twin-sided, cast aluminium alloy


Dimensions and Design

He wears a strong and powerful material so the foremost capital to Triumph in his new product marketed most of this one, even considering there are so the motor will also always be doing in some terrain off-road Triumph Tiger 800 XCX has made wearing dimensions 2215 mm x 851 mm x 1390 mm which makes it quite powerful tool while in use. As well as with the body in the kokohnya they are holding make motor adventure has weight 221 kg with full gasoline and 196 kg when with no gasoline.

Then have the contour lines are sharp and mempuni make it also looks more charming to no wonder sich in price this Triumph Tiger 800 XCX is very expensive. Even for you who want them can also be mentioned easily karea he is just have a seat height 840 – 860 mm and 840 mm – 820 when wearing aksesorus Low Seat. In addition, there is also the distance the wheel reach 1545 mm with addition of rake 24. 3 º and trail 95. 3 mm and also prepared the ability of the fuel tank has a size of 19 liters.

Perform Engine

Value for money the Triumph Tiger XCX are super expensive, like companions can see in the table above, this vehicle is in besut 800cc engine wear owning the same as the first series. The usage of the machine has a large, had in the State also include DOHC with 12 valves in cylinder 3 is based on the direction in which this use of this machine can be menghemuskan of power 95 PS at 9. 250 rpm with torque reaching top 79 Nm at 7. 850 rpm. But Interestingly this bike in complete with transmission 6 levels.

That can definitely make handling the motor as well as the colour will also be the more satisfying time used to drive. Even though the machine has had a great, many claim this bike keep fuel-efficient karna he be proved able to ingest 1 liter of fuel to pursue jara genjotan 120km with 23 km/h and able to pursue a distance of 33 km with the pull of 90km/h. About this sort of thing can give with a maximum by the Triumph Tiger XCX with presence of system electronic sequential Multipoint shaped combustion fuel injection.

Triumph Tiger 800 X-CX
Review Triumph Tiger 800 X-CX

Suspension Feet

The other flagship specification of motor Triumph Tiger 800 XCX also exist at the feet of his feet which in semtkan wear front suspension showa type with a size of 43mm and upside down forks has a size of 180 mm. Makes You increasingly balanced when used on roads with newer tires has a size of 100/90-19 alloy wheels that are attached to the finger size 21 mm. on the back side of the motor has been coupled type WP monoshock suspension which in combine it with tires have size 150/70 R17 neatly mounted on rims size 17 mm.

More interestingly from the vehicle is braking system sediakannya has been on a pretty powerful tool, because with the price of the Triumph Tiger XCX through number hundreds of millions have been on a pair of one disc of disc has a size of 308 mm front and side 255 mm in the rear which had been supported by the combined ABS technology with piston sliding caliper to braking will also increasingly felt better. As well as this you can say so one advantage behind his super expensive prices.


Worth the price of the Triumph Tiger 800 XCX who reach number hundreds of millions, this vehicle has been coupled with a variety of features Advanced favourite Switchable ABS a very possible this time locked the vehicle braking circumstances and made motorists can controlling this sudden moment of his mounts do braking. Beyond that with his expensive price Triumph Tiger 800 XCX is at the combine technology there is also a technological Triumph Traction Control (TTC) even many who claim the presence of technology from this TTC Technology for motorcycle Triumph Tiger 800 XCX can at konfiguras I in three different models, namely Road, off-road, as well as Off. Well here are the advantages of motor adventure that has a large capacity machine. About you that are interested in having it surely must be sincere mnegeluarkan costs high enough just to be able to memboyongnya to a place to live. Then what is the price of a motorcycle the Triumph Tiger 800 XCX this one?? Let's get the answer here

The price of the Triumph Tiger 800 X-CX
The price of the new Triumph Tiger 800 XCX IDR 420.000.000, -
Price Triumph Tiger 800 XCX UsedIDR - 
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    Design that is so thick with the feel of adventure and definitely a mainstay from the best manufacturers ' Triumph in marketing these products in the market of Indonesia. Embedded technology is so sophisticated and robust machine performance manjadikan a dream that awaited wait by connoisseurs of automotive in ground water in liberality to sipa and money worth IDR 420 million  of this

      When viewing the motor market in Indonesia is certainly going to be a little bit challenging the marketing power of aliases marketing, this is because the price is high and should be rewarded appropriately for among the rich. However in Indonesia there are always peminta motor bigbike type adventure. Daring because it featured quality on any part of the motor in detail very noticed by company Triumph. For lovers of adventure for automotive motor Triumph Tiger 800 X-CX so recomended for you

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