Price Honda CMX500 Rebel Specifications Review 2018 | A very big Bike in a very attractive Design Dreams high value

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         Price Honda Rebel CMX500Big bike market growth in Indonesia is so lush and utilized Honda to optimistic bring Honda CMX 500 Rebel designer who is very charming. The sales growth is indeed losing numbers with market interest to motor matic, duck and motorhome sport 250 cc class in Indonesia, but still find a good development season Big bike. Honda cruiser design doesn't appear on the Honda clasik moge with this latest design fuel tank towering over with coupled round headlamp, though felt less because it uses light bulb (Bulb 55W) where current technology LED headlamp lighting will be very good and well liked by the market in indonesia

Price Honda CMX 500 Rebel big bike
Price Honda CMX500 Rebel

      www.marchelloka.comit as something that is considered unfortunate but certainly not a problem when my friend turns on engine performance powered by the detail of the machine has a capacity of 471 cc 8 Valve, Liquid-cooled parallel twin-cylinder. This means that Honda rebel series brings the same cylinder with Honda CBR R 500 and Honda CB500X.

With a two-cylinder engine technology embedded 471 cc makes the selling price of the Honda Rebel CMX 500 is becoming so affordable for the circle of lovers of Moge, which is in the range of numbers 150 million rupiah. For those of you who wanted automotive friend more information from Honda Rebel CMX 500, here is the latest info its specifications.

Spesification Honda CMX 500 Rebel
MachineEngine type: Liquid-Cooled, 4-Stroke, DOHC Parallel Twin Silinders
Ability: 471 cc Engine
Maximum power: 35. 2 kW/8. 500 rpm
Maximum torque: 45. 8 Nm/5. 500 rpm
Diameter x bore: 67 mm x 66. 8 mm
Comparison of compression: 10. 7:1
Strarter System: Electric Starter
The system Burning: PGM-FI with 34 Throttle Bodies
Transmission: 6-Speed
The ability of the tank: 11. 2 liter
DimensionDimensions: 2, 188 x 820 x 1, 094 mm
Seat height: 690 mm
Weight: 190 Kg
Wheelbase: 1.488 mm
Most low to the ground distance: 136 mm
Color options: Red, Mat Armored Millennium Silver Metallic, as well as Graphite Black
Frame/ SuspensionFrame Type: Steel Diamond
Front suspension: Telescopic Fork Showa 41mm
Rear suspension: Showa 95 mm Twin Tube Suspension with pro-link system
Front tire: 130/90-16 m/C 67H
Rear tire: 150/80-16 m/C 71H
Braking: ABS 2-Chanel
ElectricalHeadlights : Bulb 55W
Instruments : Digital
Tail Light : Bulb 8. 3W

Honda CMX500 Rebel Review image
Review of Honda CMX500 Rebel


Honda Rebel CMX500 is one Big Bike cruiser style that blends classic and modern design at. Each side seem macho type Steel frame with Diamond. Are the dimensions have length 2. 188 mm, width 820 mm, and height of 1. 094 mm. Beyond that, moge has distance axis has a size of 1. 488 mm as well as the lowest distance to stand 1. 488 mm. To facilitate their riders, Honda designed the CMX500 seat height 690 mm with Rabel and overall have weights weighing 190 kg.

See the design, no doubt Honda CMX500 Rebel will also be so comfortable to drive. Because this bike offer a place drive enjoy lucrative not exhausting time driving long distances. Outside of that, his classic design is also reaffirmed by headlamp in the form of a round with a diameter of 135 mm. Hence there is also an existing key holes on the side. For the colour, Honda provided a choice of three colors in Red, Mat Millennium Silver Metallic, Armored and Graphite Black.


Design cruiser that he hath made CMX500 Honda Rebel competed against Kawasaki Vulcan s. but prices Honda Rebel CMX500 in selling cheaper, because this bike brings the engine specifications are lower. If Vulcan S engine 649cc, so this bike brings the 471 cc engine. Both are both taking the engine DOHC Parallel Twin Engine with improved cooling system Liquid Cooled and the system burning Fuel Injection (PGM-FI).

The use of technology from PGM-FI in moge 471 cc-this makes them have to consume fuel including low. We just need the contents of one liter of petrol to pursue distance 27 KM reach. problem Then perform, a machine that used Honda Rebel CMX500 can spew out torque of 45. 8 Nm achieved at putran 5. 500 rpm. His energies are penetrating the 35. 2 KW on lap 8. 500 rpm. Beyond that, there are also system transmis 6 acceleration borne responsive when switching from one gear to the other teeth.
Suspesnsion honda Rebel CMX500
Suspension of Honda CMX500 Rebel

Feet Suspension

Commonplace if the price of a Honda Rebel CMX500 on sale under IDR 150 million. Because the big bike this four-cylinder engine using speckle. However, perform chromosomes remains powerful and reliable to drive long distances or at close range. Especially motor is already equipped braking system ABS 2-the auto Chanel will also increase the safety of riders CMX500 Rebel when it stops by unannounced. The front and rear sides also attached disc discs are covered so the existing standard.

Then to the sides of the legs, CMX500 Honda Rebel yet also wears front suspension Upside Down. Honda more select artificial telescopic suspension SHOWA 41 mm. diameter Are for suspension rear swing arm wear combined with artificial fruit duah shockbreaker Showa with diameter 95 mm. For companions that hoby modification, add good replace the suspension by Ohlins shock incurred raising handsome big bike cruiser style.


Two tires are Tubeless tire wear has been used. In which to ban the front side has a size of 130/90 – 16 M/C 67H and tires tow has a size of 150/80 – 16 M/C 71H. 2nd tire size Honda Rebel CMX500 included both to support the weight of this bike to reach 190 kg. Beyond that, there is also a fuel tank that can store FUEL until the ability 11. 2 liters. Don't need this motor anxious wastes fuel, karna has been maximized by technology from PGM-FI, developed with special by Honda.

For admirers of a big bike, Honda CMX500 Rebel is the most fitting choice. Because this bike offer the thrill of a different drive than the moge-style naked bike or full fairing. The last difference, moge is offering a complete range of features, such as the speedometer minimalist has a size of 100 mm equipped LCD monitor as well as a button to set the spedometer it. Well armed with everything that featured real, how much is the price of a Honda Rebel CMX500 in Indonesia ?

Design of Honda CMX 500 Rebel
Design Of Honda CMX500 Rebel

Price Honda Rebel CMX 500
The Price Of The New Honda Rebel CMX500  IDR 147. 387. 500
The Price Of A Used Honda Rebel CMX500  IDR - 
Harga Honda Lainnya ?Daftar Harga Motor Honda

     This motorcycle has already officially marketed in Indonesia as well as in sale IDR 147. 387.500 (OTR Jakarta). Price Honda Rebel CMX500 it is cheaper than the price of the Kawasaki Vulcan S that more than IDR 170 million. The two are both in the same stylish cruiser, but the motor has a smaller cc, to the selling price cheaper. Behind the dramatic price Honda Rebel CMX500 we keep gaining diverse featured attractive, his ABS braking system.

     Apparently used this exact same motor used Honda CBR500R. Eventually the price of Honda Rebel in CMX500 bandrol so exactly with CBR500R. For companions who love sporty-style motor is certainly more select CBR500R equipped full body fairing. But for companions who want the motor with the design classic, so this is the choice of most motor fitting. Especially in it there has been a wide array of modern features make CMX 500 Rebel no less sophisticated than other models. How, interested to buy it?

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