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BMW R1300S Review Spesifikasi - Lampu LED berbentuk X sama dengan GS biasa yakni dengan peningkatan opsional ke lampu adaptif lean-sensitive, tetapi diapit oleh dua lampu bantu yang datar dan terintegrasi ke bagian depan selubung radiator. Lampu belakang dan lampu sein depan yang terintegrasi ke dalam handguards melengkapi paket pencahayaan all-LED. ini mendankan desain yang sangat keren dan perubahan yang dilakukan sangat menarik sobat

The X-shaped LED lights are the same as the regular GS in that they are optionally upgraded to lean-sensitive adaptive lights, but flanked by two auxiliary lights that are flat and integrated into the front of the radiator housing. The taillights and front turn signals integrated into the handguards complete the all-LED lighting package. It has a very cool design and the changes made are very interesting buddy

Desain BMW R1300S Adventure
Desain BMW R1300S Adventure

Desain BMW R1300S Adventure

BMW R 1300 GS Adventure memiliki desain yang asyik dengan menggunakan kaca depan yang lebih tinggi daripada GS biasa, dilengkapi dengan deflektor dua sisi, dengan peningkatan  layar yang dapat disesuaikan secara elektrik. Terletak di antara kaca depan dan lampu depan adalah tempat kecil untuk menampung sistem radar depan, yang memungkinkan cruise control aktif opsional dan peringatan tabrakan depan. Unit radar yang menghadap ke belakang memungkinkan sistem peringatan perubahan jalur opsional.

Mesin Boxer 1.300cc mirip dengan yang diperkenalkan pada R 1300 GS, mengklaim 145 hp pada 7.750 rpm dan 110 lb-ft. pada 6.500 rpm, kedua peningkatan atas R 1250 GS yang diklaim 136 hp dan 105 lb-ft. torsi. Seiring dengan angka puncak yang lebih tinggi, BMW mengklaim torsi yang jauh lebih tinggi di seluruh rentang putaran, dan antara 3.600 dan 7.800 rpm pada khususnya. Mesin ini menggunakan campuran pendingin udara dan cairan, dengan cam intake variabel ShiftCam BMW.

Review BMW R1300S Adventure
Review BMW R1300S Adventure

Pelindung mesin menjadi standar.
Pelindung mesin menjadi standar.

The six-speed transmission is now located beneath the engine, helping to reduce the overall length and weight (with BMW claiming a savings of 8.6 pounds). The transmission is matched with a 10-disc wet clutch with anti-hopping mechanism.

The new powertrain layout likely helped with packaging the additional parts for the optional Automated Shift Assistant (ASA) for fast gear changes without the need for a manual clutch lever. The system uses two electromechanical actuators, one to operate the clutch and the other performing gear changes.

2025 bmw r 1300 gs adventure first look

ASA offers two modes: the manual “M” mode and the automated “D” mode. In M mode, the rider controls gear shafts using a traditional foot lever, but leaves the actuator to handle the clutch. In D mode, shifting points are selected by the engine control unit and transmission control unit, factoring in ride mode, engine speed, throttle position and lean angle (with the rider still able to make manual shifts as needed). BMW says ASA performs fast, smooth shifts, eliminating the Newton’s cradle bounce between rider and passenger helmets caused by the sudden jolt you can get when upshifting with a regular manual gearbox.

2025 bmw r 1300 gs adventure first look

The chassis consists of a compact sheet metal shell main frame with a lattice rear frame made of hexagonal extruded aluminum tubes and forged parts. The subframe was designed to offer comfort for both rider and passenger over long distances, and to support luggage. The standard seat height is adjustable from 34.3 to 35.0 inches, but the R 1300 GS Adventure offers a choice of two optional Adaptive Vehicle Height upgrades.

The regular Adaptive Vehicle Height Control lowers the bike by 1.2 inches at a stop, bringing the seat down to 33.1 to 33.8 inches. Alternatively, you could opt for the Adaptive Height Control Comfort add-on, which is customizable between automatic, permanently high or permanently low seat heights, and reduces the overall height by 0.8 inches, giving you a height of 33.5 to 34.2 inches when the bike is in motion and 32.3 to 33.0 inches when coming to a stop.

2025 bmw r 1300 gs adventure first look

Along with the adjustable seat height, BMW offers a choice between standard and comfort handlebars, and 10 degrees of handlebar angle adjustment, providing riders of different sizes options for optimizing the ergonomics. BMW equips the GSA with enduro rider footrests designed for off-road riding, and comfort enduro passenger pegs for long-distance comfort. Naturally, BMW offers a range of accessories for further customization.

The R 1300 GS Adventure comes standard with an EVO Telelever front suspension, EVO Paralever rear suspension, and the latest electronic Dynamic Suspension Adjustment system.

2025 bmw r 1300 gs adventure first look

The R 1300 GS Adventure comes standard with cross-spoke wire wheels with aluminum wheels, or you could opt for the enduro forged wheels, which BMW claims to be 4.0 pounds lighter. In either case, you get a 3.0 x 19” up front and a 4.5 x 17” at the rear, the same sizes as the regular GS. The front wheel comes equipped with dual four-piston radial-mount calipers and 310 mm discs, while the rear uses a single floating two-piston caliper and 285 mm disc. As with the R 1300 GS, BMW Motorrad Full Integral ABS Pro and with Dynamic Brake Control come standard.

Other features include a 6.5-inch TFT display, smartphone connectivity and a ventilated phone storage compartment. The R 1300 GS Adventure comes standard with both an on-board power socket and a USB-C port.

For 2025, BMW offers four model variants:

BMW R 1300 GS Adventure Basic

The Basic variant comes in solid Racing Red with a silver-colored tank and black and red contrast seats.

BMW R 1300 GS Adventure Style Triple Black

The Style Triple Black offers a darker look, with a tinted clear coating on the aluminum tank. The engine guards are black, with silver inserts, while the handlebar, rims, and handguards come in different dark shades. The radiator cowls come with mounting points for additional bags.

BMW R 1300 GS Adventure Style GS Trophy

For a sportier look, the Style GS Trophy variant comes in Racing Blue metallic paint with solid Light White and Racing Red stripes contrasted with textured powder-coated Avus black metallic aluminum pieces. Unlike the other variants, the Style GS Trophy has a flat seat, putting rider and passenger on the same level. Continuing with the sportier theme, this variant also comes standard with a shorter sport windscreen without the side deflectors, lower profile passenger grab handles. Other features include black grilles protecting the radiator and auxiliary lighting, mounting points on the radiator cowl, and aluminum tank trays with additional docking points for other accessories.

BMW R 1300 GS Adventure Option 719 Karakorum

The Option 719 Karakorum variant comes in Aurelius Green metallic matte with gold-colored anodized rims and handlebar. Other features include protective grilles for the auxiliary lights, heated seats and the shorter sport windshield.

Pricing for the 2025 BMW R 1300 GS Adventure will be announced in Q4 2024, and they should arrive in dealerships soon after.

2024 BMW R 1300 GS Adventure Specifications

Tipe Mesin Pendingin Udara/liquid, 2-silinder 4-stroke boxer, OHV / 4-langkah persilinder, camshaft yang digerakkan rantai, poros penyeimbang, dan sistem kontrol camshaft intake variabel BMW ShiftCam.
Kapasitas 1,300cc
Bore x Stroke 106.5mm x 73mm
Bahan Bakar Premium unleaded 95 RON
Katup 2x44.0 mm intake / 2 x 35.6 mm exhaust
Tenaga 145 hp at 7,750 rpm (claimed)
Torsi110 lb-ft. at 6,500 rpm (claimed)
Baterai 12V / 14 Ah
Lampu LED low and high beam headlight, LED taillights, LED turn signals integrated into hand guards, two flat auxiliary LED lights.
Transmisi Claw-shift 6-speed gearbox
Kerangka Two-part frame concept consisting of main frame and rear frame bolted to it, engine co-supporting
Suspensi Depan EVO Telelever, DSA central strut, 8.3 inches of travel
Suspensi Belakang EVO Paralever with cast aluminum single-sided swingarm, DSA, 8.7 inches of travel
Rem DepanTwin disc brake Ø 310 mm 4-piston radial calipers
Rem Belakang Single-disc brake Ø 285 mm, 2-piston floating calipers
Roda Depan3.00 x 19" cross-spoke wheel
Roda Belakang 4.50 x 17" cross-spoke wheel
Ban Depan120/70 R 19
Ban Belakang 170/60 R 17
Tinggi JokStandard: adjustable 34.3-35.0 inches Adaptive Height Control: 33.1-33.8 inches when stopped, 34.3-35.0 inches when riding Adaptive Height Control Comfort: 32.3-33.0 inches when stopped, 33.5-34.2 inches when riding
Kapasitas Bahan Bakar 7.9 gallons

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