2024 MV Agusta Enduro Veloce spec | The New adventure bike yang bakalan asyik banget buat di geber Gaes

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MV Agusta Enduro Veloce - Apakah masih ada yang belum mengenal motor gede MV Agusta sobat ? tentu dikalangan pecinta otomotif merek ini sudah sering di dengar namun dikalangan orang awam di indonesia tentunya sangat jarang terlihat. Sobat otomotif bahwa MV Agusta termasuk kategori motor yang mahal dengan powerfull tenaganya juga sangat mantap.

Bisa di bilang saat ini bahwa untuk MV Agusta telah memasuki era baru dengan Enduro Veloce mereka, yang dirasa berada di ujung paling sporty dari sektor sepeda petualangan, bahkan dengan roda depan berukuran 21 inci. Motor triple 931cc adalah unit yang sangat cepat dan menarik, menawarkan jumlah torsi luar biasa yang asyik langsung melalui rentang putaran, dengan salah satu soundtrack terbaik yang dijual.

Is there still anyone who doesn't know the big MV Agusta motorbike buddy? Really among automotive lovers of this brand has often been heard but among ordinary people in Indonesia, of course, it is very rarely seen. Automotive friends that MV Agusta is included in the category of expensive motorcycles with powerful power is also very steady.

MV Agusta has entered a new era with their Enduro Veloce, which is considered to be at the sportiest end of the adventure bike sector, even with a 21-inch front wheel. The 931cc triple bike is a very fast and exciting unit, offering an incredible amount of torque that's fun right through the rev range, with one of the best soundtracks on sale.

MV Agusta Enduro Veloce
MV Agusta Enduro Veloce

www.marchelloka.com - Dan seperti bagaimana mesin adalah urusan penting, Enduro Veloce menangani seperti supermoto pada steroid. Jangan terlalu fokus pada  roda depan yang besar, karena Enduro Veloce memiliki kelincahan dan stabilitas mesin setengah beratnya, dengan rem yang kuat dan pengaturan suspensi yang cukup siap untuk mendukungnya.

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Namun Sobat otomotif, karena kegembiraan dan ketenangannya untuk berkendara di jalan cepat, itu bukan paket yang lengkap. Enduro Veloce bukanlah mesin paling nyaman di dunia berkat jok keras dan sifat getaran motor, yang juga haus dalam hal konsumsi bahan bakar. Sehingga dirasa cukup boros bagi sebagian yang sudah merasakannya

Ini juga terasa berat pada kecepatan lambat saat terisi penuh, dan bukan mesin yang paling siap untuk dikendarai off-road. Ini masih terjadi bahkan ketika suspensi diputar kembali dan telah diberi satu set ban dual-sport Bridgestone AX41, yang lebih cocok untuk medan semacam ini.

Ini adalah salah satu sepeda jalan raya paling mumpuni dengan roda depan 21 "untuk dikendarai di jalan, tetapi tidak memiliki ketenangan untuk menjadi yang terbaik. Sebenarnya, Enduro Veloce sangat dekat dengan peringkat bintang tiga secara keseluruhan. Performa off-road yang buruk dan kurangnya kenyamanan membuatnya sulit dijual sebagai sepeda petualangan sejati. Tapi itu sangat bagus dalam apa yang dilakukannya dengan baik, dikendarai dengan keras dan cepat di jalan yang ketat dan sehingga ia mendapatkan bintang keempatnya.

MV Agusta Enduro Tampak Belakang
MV Agusta Enduro Tampak Belakang


And just like how the engine is an important affair, Enduro Veloce handles like a supermoto on steroids. Don't focus too much on the big front wheels, as the Enduro Veloce has the agility and stability of a half-weight engine, with powerful brakes and enough suspension settings ready to back it up.

However you know, because of the excitement and composure to drive on fast roads, it's not a complete package. The Enduro Veloce is not the most comfortable machine in the world thanks to the hard seats and vibration properties of the motor, which is also thirsty in terms of fuel consumption. So it is considered quite wasteful for some who have felt it

It also feels heavy at slow speeds when fully charged, and isn't the machine most are ready to ride off-road. This is still the case even when the suspension is turned back and has been given a set of Bridgestone AX41 dual-sport tires, which are better suited for this kind of terrain.

MV Agusta Enduro Veloce tampak samping
MV Agusta Enduro Veloce tampak samping

Unlike so many big adventure machines, the Enduro Veloce feels like a supersport bike in a set of high heels where cornering is concerned. Even with the 210mm of travel at each end there is a serious amount of feel and support through the Sachs suspension, which delivers the sort of feedback and composure that is usually impossible with a 21" front wheel. The Enduro Veloce can be railed into corners at incredible speed and will even turn with those impressive front Brembos loaded on at lean, too. It wouldn’t feel out of place on a trackday.

Of course this is thanks to a combination of the chassis and suspension set-up, but one of the best qualities of the Enduro Veloce is its agility, even at higher speeds. With a 21" front wheel, the big Enduro Veloce shouldn’t be as agile as it is, which is down to not just the Sachs suspension and chassis, but also thanks the counter-rotating crankshaft in the motor, with the gyroscopic effect making a big difference in its ability to flip from side to side. It is one of, if not the best handling adventure machines with a 21" front wheel that money can buy.

Although the seat feels low enough to touch the ground in its highest setting (it’s at 870mm as standard but can be dropped to 850mm) the Enduro Veloce is reasonably comfortable with a spacious cockpit. Bigger riders will enjoy the large space between the seat and the handlebars, which opts for more of a sit in, rather than sit on position - although for those with longer legs, the gap between the ‘pegs and seat will be a bit cramped on longer stints.

Performa MV Agusta di perjalanan
Performa MV Agusta di perjalanan

MV Agusta Enduro Veloce right side action on the road

On the subject of which, the seat is too stiff and uncomfortable after a full day in the saddle and there is quite a lot of vibration through the handlebars and the footpegs, which means anything more than an hour or two onboard without a break is too much.

Off-road, the Enduro Veloce doesn’t quite feel at home either, which is partly down to the chassis and stiffer suspension set-up, but also down to the fairly high weight when fully fuelled. It’s well at home on easier, firmer trails but for more hardcore off-roading it doesn’t quite have the prowess in the dirt of some of its rivals, such as the Ducati DesertX or the KTM 890 Adventure.

However, it does equipped with a removable trellis sub-frame which is handy if you want to do some hardcore off-roading.

Although the triple motor is based on the platform used across MV’s 800cc models including the Brutale 800 and the Turismo Veloce, it has been heavily reworked for the Enduro Veloce and is pretty much all-new, growing from 798cc to 931cc in the process. This means that where the previous motor was a rev-hungry weapon, the new 931cc triple makes not only far more torque (up from 64lb.ft to 75ft.lb) but it makes 85% of it from just 3000rpm.

And because of this it feels mightily impressive on a faster road ride and adds an aggressively sporty element to the middleweight adventure sector. The 931cc unit is exciting and throaty, punching its way through the gearbox with the intensity of a supersport machine. The delivery of torque borders on aggressive but isn’t too excessive, delivering an exciting thrust up all the way up through the rev range to the top end.

It does run out of steam above 10,000rpm, but the Enduro Veloce still keeps on pulling and has one of, if not the best, soundtracks on offer today - with a throaty roar from that triple motor. It’s brutally loud and is distinct in its delivery, completed by pops and bangs on the overrun, and a quickshifter set-up that feels so positive in the response through the lever.

MV Agusta Enduro Veloce rear static

However, as an adventure machine it doesn’t quite tick all of the boxes. It’s still a quite an aggressive motor at the bottom end for town work, and it’s too loud at motorway speeds and is buzzy too, sitting between 5000rpm and 6000rpm. On a spirited ride, 200 miles on a tank isn’t guaranteed either as it averages between 35-45mpg.

Due to its punch nature it’s also quite a hard beast to tame off-road, especially on slower, more technical trails. This is mainly thanks to the hard hit from the initial burst of torque which is present even in off-road mode, and a traction control strategy that is quite intrusive in its intervention, even on the lowest settings.

Reliability & build quality

Although the Enduro Veloce is a premium machine, it isn’t exceptional up close. The cockpit isn’t completely clutter free under the yoke and the switchgear set-up feels a bit too plasticky in its application, both looking and feeling quite cheap. However, the paint finish looks really smart and as a whole, the componentry does look good.

And there’s also now a 50.1% ownership of MV Agusta by the Pierer Mobility Group, who own a whole host of brands including KTM, Husqvarna and GASGAS. Hopefully, this means a vast improvement to the availability and lead time on parts alongside dealer support, although this will only become known later down the line. MV have stated that their goal for 2024 is 12 dealers in the UK.

In terms of reliability, this is a new platform and a relatively new path for MV Agusta, however the Enduro Veloce does come with a four-year factory warranty.

MV Agusta Enduro Veloce left side

There really is an adventure bike for everyone, and for every budget too. Although the Enduro Veloce sits in the sub-litre, 21" front wheel adventure category where engine capacity and wheel size are concerned, it’s in the very highest echelon of the class with its mammoth price tag (MV originally announced the price as £21,800 but have since indicated this may change).

This is a machine built to be ridden on the road with occasional off-roading too, so to put that into perspective, one of the Enduro Veloce’s closest rivals is Ducati’s DesertX, which will set you back £14,995. KTM’s 890 Adventure starts at £12,699, while you can pick up a 1290 Super Adventure for £18,199, or even an Africa Twin from £13,199.

But that sort of misses the point of the MV, and why the price tag is so high. It’s built to be expensive, exclusive and special, and in that respect it does deliver something new to the sector. It’s also the most powerful of the bunch too.

MV Agusta Enduro Veloce jumping off-road

MV certainly haven’t skimped where electronics are concerned. A six-axis IMU powers a host of riding aids, including eight level adjustable traction control (which can be tailored to the two homologated Bridgestone A41 and AX41 tyres), switchable cornering ABS, adjustable engine brake control, front lift control, cruise control, an up/down quickshifter and even launch control – yes, you read that right.

There are four rider modes on offer with Urban, Touring, Off-Road and Custom All-Terrain, with each allowing the rider to adjust modes on the fly. All of the information is fed through a chunky, 7” TFT dash, which is not only fairly simple to use, but easy to navigate too.

In terms of hardware, the Enduro Veloce comes with high-level Brembo Stylemas for stopping power, but it would’ve been nice to have seen some semi-active, or at least electronically adjustable suspension for the high asking price.

MV Agusta Enduro Veloce windscreen

Of course, there’s a load of accessories on offer too, covering everything from performance to practicality. A few examples from the catalogue include an aftermarket Termignoni titanium exhaust, 39 and 32 litre rigid aluminium side cases, protective crash bars, and a reinforced aluminium skid plate.

For the first year, you’ll also get the Mobisat anti-theft system free of charge too.

Specs MV Agusta Enduro Veloce

Engine size 931cc
Engine type In-line three cylinder
Frame type Tubular steel double beam - trellis subframe
Fuel capacity 20 litres
Seat height 870mm
Bike weight 224kg
Front suspension Fully adjustable 48mm Sachs front forks with 210mm of travel
Rear suspension Fully adjustable Sachs monoshock, with 210mm of travel
Front brake 2 x 320mm floating discs with Brembo four piston Stylema calipers
Rear brake 265mm disc with Brembo two piston caliper and cornering ABS
Front tyre size 90/90 x 21
Rear tyre size 150/70 x 18
Mpg, costs and insurance -
Average fuel consumption 45 mpg
Annual road tax £117
Annual service cost -
New price -
Used price -
Insurance group -
How much to insure? -
Warranty term Four years
Top speed and performance -
Max power 122 bhp
Max torque 75 ft-lb
Top speed -
1/4 mile acceleration -
Tank range 198 miles
Model history and versions-
Model history -

Demikian informasi mengenai motor terbaru dari MV Agusta Enduro Veloce yang sangat menarik untuk di bawa ke medan offroad dan tentu sangat menyenangkan dengan power yang dimiliki medan apapun yang berda di depan Anda akan dengan sangat mudah dilalui. Silahkan hubungi dealer MV Agusta terdekat di kota Anda dan dapatkan penawaran menarik serta spesifikasi yang lebih lengkap di dealer resminya

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