2023 Volkswagen EV ID.Buzz Mobil Kelas Van Komersial Yang Begitu Lucu, Ayok kenalan sobat

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VW ID.Buzz Cargo -  Volkswagen merupakan pabrikan mobil tertua tentunya di wilayah Eropa dan VW sudah jauh lebih pengalaman dalam memproduksi mobil. Siapa yang tidak kenal dengan Volkswagen atau VW pada era VW Beetle atau akrab dikenbal mobil kodok. Dengan zaman sekarang mobil listrik atau EV tentunya bukan hal yang aneh sekarang tak hanya di kenal dengan keberadaan Tesla namun Volkswagen juga membuat mobil Listrik, salah satunya adalah VW EV.ID Buzz yang secara tidak langsung kita sudah tahu bahwa mobil listik kali ini merupakan jenis Van.

Volkswagen is the oldest car manufacturer certainly in the European region and VW has much more experience in producing cars. Who is not familiar with Volkswagen or VW in the VW Beetle era or familiar with frog cars. With today's electric cars or EVs, of course, it is not unusual now not only known to the existence of Tesla but Volkswagen also makes electric cars, one of which is VW EV.ID Buzz which indirectly we already know that electric cars this time are a type of Van.

Volkswagen EV.ID buzz Cargo
Volkswagen EV.ID buzz Cargo

www.marchelloka.com -  Sekilas pada mobil ini memang akan diperlihatkan mengenai kapasitas ruang mobil yang terasa sangat longgar untuk banyak penumpang. Nampak benar sekali ketika melihat bagian belakang yang sangat luas dan mempu mengangkut barang dibagasi.  Mobil bis listrik ini di desain saat ini ditujukan ke Us namun pada kesempatan kali ini gambar yang di ambil adalah di German.

A glimpse of this car will indeed be shown about the capacity of the car space which feels very loose for many passengers. It seems very true when you see the back that is very wide and able to carry goods in the trunk.  This electric bus car is currently designed to be aimed at the US but on this occasion the picture taken is in Germany.

Bagasi belakang VW EV ID BUZZ
Bagasi belakang VW EV ID BUZZ

Perbedaan eksterior utama antara versi kargo dan versi penumpang adalah bahwa ia tidak memiliki jendela samping, tetapi bentuk retro sisi lempengan dan banyak detail menariknya tetap terinspirasi oleh Microbus. Sementara armada komersial dan usaha kecil kemungkinan menampar corak mereka sendiri, ID.Buzz Cargo masih ditawarkan dalam beberapa warna eksterior yang menyenangkan, termasuk skema cat biru-putih yang digambarkan di sini. Roda baja delapan belas inci dengan hubcaps adalah standar, dan opsi roda 19 dan 20 inci yang tampak lebih mencolok tersedia.

As you'd expect for a work vehicle, the cargo van's interior is far more spartan than that of the standard Buzz. The utilitarian front passenger compartment features lots of hard black plastic and durable-looking cloth upholstery. The raised seating position and large front windows make for great visibility, and the small digital gauge display is clear and simple. Annoyingly, the cargo version has the same convoluted infotainment system and touch-sensitive sliders that are propagating across VW's lineup.

Mechanically, the cargo version is identical to the passenger van, as both use VW's MEB platform also found under the ID.4. The ID.Buzz Cargo is currently offered in one wheelbase length and in a single powertrain configuration with a rear-mounted 201-hp electric motor and a 77.0-kWh battery pack. (The U.S. will be getting a long-wheelbase, three-row passenger van with a more powerful optional dual-motor setup and a larger battery, but VW said it isn't planning a LWB version of the cargo van.) It ain't quick, with a claimed 62-mph time of 10.2 seconds. That said, our rear-drive ID.4 tester beat its German estimates by nearly a second, so the Buzz Cargo might see the mid-nines. Either way, the electric motor is torquey enough to make the Buzz feel responsive around town.

Size-wise, the ID.Buzz fits in between the short- and long-wheelbase versions of the Ford Transit Connect that was recently discontinued for the U.S. market. The Buzz is highly maneuverable, with a tight turning radius, and it drives just like a typical compact crossover. Body motions are well controlled, the steering is accurate, and the ride quality is good. We drove the Buzz without anything in the back, and it avoids the bouncy feel that many other unladen vans have, likely due to the heavy battery pack mounted underneath the floor.

The ID.Buzz Cargo can fit 138 cubic feet of stuff in the cargo area, and VW brags that the space is optimized to accommodate a European-standard pallet either longitudinally or transversely. There's also a clever pass-through space under the front passenger seat that can fit longer copper pipes commonly used for plumbing, as well as an underfloor compartment meant to hold wires and cables. Its payload capacity of 1429 pounds is somewhat low for a van this size, and that's due to the weight of the battery pack—the claimed curb weight is a hefty 5185 pounds. VW also claims a towing capacity of 2204 pounds.

Of course, as we found in our test of electric pickups, towing and hauling with an EV will drastically cut into range. Unladen, the ID.Buzz Cargo has an estimated driving range of up to 264 miles, but that's on the optimistic WLTP scale. That's fine for urban use in smaller European cities, but it likely wouldn't cut it in the U.S.

A spokesperson for VW Commercial Vehicles told C/D that the company has not ruled out bringing the cargo version of the ID.Buzz to the U.S. but said it would have to produce the van in the U.S. to avoid the chicken tax. Given that many compact cargo vans recently exited the U.S. market, the business case depends on your perspective: This is either a sign that there's not much of a market left for this type of vehicle, or it's an opening for VW to fill with a cute and fun alternative. We think the ID.Buzz Cargo is charming enough that it could find an audience. Anyone ready to open a flower shop with a matching flower-power electric van?

Specifications Volkswagen ID.Buzz Cargo

Vehicle Type : rear-motor, rear-wheel-drive, 2- or 3-passenger, 3-door van
PRICE Base: $50,614 (Germany, converted from euros)
POWERTRAIN Motor : permanent-magnet AC, 201 hp, 229 lb-ft ?
Battery Pack : liquid-cooled lithium-ion, 77.0 kWh
Onboard Charger : 11 kW
Peak DC Fast-Charge Rate: 170 kW
Transmission: direct-drive
DIMENSIONS Wheelbase: 117.7 in
Length: 185.5 in
Width: 78.1 in
Height: 75.9-76.8 in
Cargo Volume: 138 ft3
Curb Weight (C/D est): 5200
PERFORMANCE 60 mph: 9.5 sec
1/4-Mile: 17.0 sec
Top Speed: 101 mph

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