Have Many Features, Isuzu Mu-X Used Year 2014-2018 Now Present Price Brother, Read it Please

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Isuzu MUX Used Car - Isuzu MU-X is one of the SUV cars directed by Isuzu from Japan and has been successfully visited globally worldwide. The car has an excellent design, good engine performance and a low price. Automotive buddy is probably one of the isuzu car enthusiasts who like the power of this car. Aside from the good specifications offered of course this car has many advantages. Has many features, the used Isuzu Mu-X Year 2014-2018 is now priced this way.

Isuzu MU- X
Isuzu MU- X

www.marchelloka.com -  Used Isuzu MU-X can be one of the options for those who want a diesel-engined SUV at a low price. With the age of the 2014-2018 range, the used Isuzu MU-X is still quite young.

Suzuki MU-X looks attractive enough for an SUV. In addition, isuzu MU-X in 2014-2018 is also suitable for those who want to upgrade to a car to the Big SUV.

Isuzu Mu-X is equipped with a 4JK1-TC Hi-Power in-line 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve diesel engine. With electronic common-rail direct fuel injection and intercooled VGS turbocharger. The 2,499cc engine has 134 dk at 3,400 rpm and 319.6 Nm of torque at 1,800-2,800 rpm

The price is now for the year 2014 based on Pricelist data GridOto.com and traders tangerang region Rp 210 million for type 4x2 A/T.

"Isuzu MU-X is equipped with abundant features. Call it smartkey, electric seat, and AC climate control," mulyana, owner of used car dealer Mega Jaya, Ciputat Raya No.12 Tangerang, Wednesday 

Not to mention the 7-inch head unit monitor screen that is able to connect the smartphone with the True Mirroring feature. So what is the market price for Isuzu MU-X in 2014-2018?

The Market Price for Isuzu MU-X

For the current price is below Rp 330 million, even the 2018 output can be redeemed below IDR 320 million. Furthermore, here is the price list of Isuzu MU-X in 2014-2018 for Jabodetabek area.

This price is based on Pricelist channel in a official automotive channel and also tangerang used car merchant

Isuzu MU-X

Variant Year Price
4x2 A/T 2014 RP 210 million
4x2 A/T 2015 IDR 250 million
4x2 A/T 2016 RP 260 million
4x2 A/T 2017 RP 275 million
All New Premier     2018 IDR 320 million

Thus information about the used Isuzu MU-X price list, which is taken from the current market price in force in Indonesia, used prices in other countries may differ. However, this price is greatly influenced by the condition of the car sold also so that it is cheaper than the table above or vice versa which is higher. Automotive friends by buying a used car there is an advantage that if you find a car that is still in good condition will certainly be very lucky at a low price. So you have to be good at choosing, you're trying to bring people who are more understanding about automotive.

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